Tokidoki is an Italian company that features Japanese design elements. Tokidoki unicorno are some of the most unique and interesting stuffed unicorns out there. They are part of the Tokidoki Unicorno line. There are 10 unicorn characters.

Tokidoki Kaili Unicorno Plush

The Tokidoki Kaili Unicorno Plush is my favorite Tokidoki plush unicorn. I love the bright colors and whimsical features. The Fiji flower embroidery and pink wings are cheerful touches. She measures 8″ tall.

These Tokidoki unicorns started out as ponies. By accident, they fell into a magic waterfall and transformed into unicorns. They spend their time living between this world and their magical kingdom.

Tokidoki Kaili Unicorno Plush
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Tokidoki Unicorno Prima Donna

The Tokidoki Prima Donna Plush Doll is definitely one of the stars of the Unicorno collection. It is a limited edition. Designed by artist Simone Legno, she has style in spades.

It is a cutie in chocolate brown with a blonde mane topped with a royal gold crown. She also has cute little wings. She has the company’s signature heart and crossbones on her chest. It measures about 9.5 inches.

Tokidoki means “sometimes” in Japanese. The company’s founder and artist, Simone Legno, chose this name because he feels that “everyone waits for moments that change one’s destiny, by chance or by meeting a new person.”

Tokidoki Prima Donna Plush Unicorn
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Tokidoki Stellina Unicorno

The Tokidoki Stellina Unicorno is a colorful gal with white fur, red hair, and a pink horn and tail. She has a green star on her flank and blue and yellow accents. To me, she looks the most Japanese. This is because I think of red, white, and yellow when I think of Japanese products.

Simone Legno has always had a love for all things Japanese. You can tell how much he loves the culture when you see all the little details in his designs.

Tokidoki Unicorno Stellina
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Want to learn more about Tokidoki? Check out their official website to explore their creative world. In addition to Tokidoki unicorno, they have many other characters and designs. Their products include toys, men’s and women’s clothing, novelties, and accessories.