Large Stuffed Unicorns

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If a small stuffed unicorn just won’t do, these large stuffed unicorns may be just what you were looking for. Some of these, in fact, are downright giant, gigantic, and huge!

Fiesta Jumbo Stuffed Unicorn

Fiesta Jumbo Stuffed Unicorn
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This extra soft Jumbo Stuffed Unicorn by Fiesta is full of fluff for lots of snuggly hugs!

This unicorn is super jumbo. Is “super jumbo” a real term? I guess it is now. It is a floppy 33 inches long. Available in pink or purple.

Because of its big size, it looks great sitting at the end of a bed. This unicorn is great for both cuddling and acting out imaginary scenes.

This large unicorn will no doubt be a trusted friend throughout childhood. Here’s to many imaginary gallops around the magical fields of your child’s imagination. Founded in 1972, Fiesta Toys is one of the most successful plush toy manufacturers today.

Hearthsong Sit Upon Unicorn

Hearthsong Sit Upon Unicorn
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The Hearthsong Sit Upon Unicorn makes fantasies come true as your little ones take the reins of this large stuffed unicorn. It has a removable saddle and the sturdy steel frame can hold up to 150 pounds.

This is a gorgeous gal with a flowing pink mane, a cute expression, and a long golden horn.

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Douglas Abracadabra Unicorn

Douglas Abracadabra Unicorn
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The Douglas Abracadabra Unicorn is is 27″ long. It is plush and soft and would make a great gift for any unicorn lover. Its pose exudes a gentle elegance. I can picture this unicorn resting by a gentle stream near a castle in a magical fairyland.

My step daughter has this unicorn and it is a constant friend to her. It sits on the end of her bed during the day and at night she cuddles with it. It’s pretty much the perfect cuddling size for a 6 to 8 year old.

Writer Ted Naifeh once said, “There’s something about girls and unicorns that’s deep and meaningful. Something about childhood.”

Waliki Huge Stuffed Unicorn

Huge Stuffed Unicorn
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This Huge Stuffed Unicorn by Waliki is well made and sturdy, perfect for little kids who want to ride him. He has a fluffy pink tail and mane and a saddle with cute little hearts on it.

This is about as close as you can get to owning a real unicorn without breaking the bank on stable fees! This unicorn measures about 42 inches of huggable, rideable fun.

Waliki Toys is based in Florida. They are all about keeping kids active. They specialize in jumping balls and bounce houses. Check out the video below to see this unicorn in action. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Big Plush Large Stuffed Unicorns

Big Plush Large Stuffed Unicorns
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Big Plush lives up to its name and creates big plush animals that are huggable, bendable, and loveable.

The Giant Bendable Purple Stuffed Unicorn is 50″ high and 36″ long (over three feet) and that doesn’t include the 10″ tail. The horn and legs are bendable, thanks to its wire frame. Kids have a lot of fun posing him in different positions.

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The Big Plush Giant Stuffed Unicorn is the same unicorn but in white. Like its purple cousin, it is 36 inches long and 50 inches high.

Big Plush Giant White Stuffed Unicorn
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Note that these are not “ride on” unicorns. You can hug them and cuddle them but they are not really meant for riding like some other large stuffed unicorns.

We love that they are made in the USA.

Stretchkins Unicorn Life-Size Plush Toy

Stretchkins Unicorn Life Size Stretch Toy
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The Stretchkins Unicorn Life-Size Plush Toy is a toy with fun and active play in mind. It comes with a DVD of moves to do with the unicorn so kids get exercise while at play.

It stretches from about 2 1/2 feet to 5 1/2 feet.

Despicable Me 3D Agnes Fluffy Unicorn Pillow Plush

despicable me unicorn
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It’s so fluffy! The Despicable Me 3D Agnes Fluffy Unicorn Pillow Plush is super soft and cuddly with a pink mane and tail and shiny gold horn. It’s one of the most popular large stuffed unicorns on Amazon. You should be aware that this is not an officially licensed Despicable Me product and what you’re going to get is a cheap knockoff from China. That being said, most kids will still love it and if you’re okay with it being a knockoff and your child is set on getting the unicorn from Despicable Me, this might be an option for you.

I suggest checking out all the reviews on Amazon before buying and making a decision based on those. People either love this one or hate it!

Just for fun, here’s the “It’s so fluffy!” scene from the movie:

Hansa 39″ Ride on Unicorn

For something unlike any of the other options, the Hansa 39″ Ride on Unicorn has a weight limit of 250 pounds. This means the adults can get into the storytelling action and play prince or princess in your child’s playtime. It has a metal frame inside that not only makes it strong enough for riding but also allows you to bend its head and legs.

This is one that will stay in your family for generations to come.

Hansa 39 inch Ride on Unicorn
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Hansa 59 Inch Life Size Stuffed Unicorn

If you are looking for something not just large but life sized, the 59 Inch Hansa Life Size Stuffed Unicorn is going to make you happy. It’s expensive but if you’re looking to make a statement, whether it’s at your child’s birthday party or part of an elaborate game room design, this one will blow everyone’s mind.

59 inch Hansa unicorn
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Hansa is an amazing company that focuses on making realistic stuffed animals. Check out this video to see the full range of lifelike plush that they offer:

And their website is fun to look at, with all of their different toys and stuffed animals to view.

Melissa & Doug Longfellow Unicorn

Melissa and Doug Longfellow Unicorn
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The Melissa & Doug Longfellow Unicorn is 21″ long and super soft and silky. She’s big and floppy and can be draped over the neck as the ultimate cuddly friend. Her mane and tail are curly and she has a sparkly silver horn. Made of surface washable polyester and suitable for all ages.

This is a great stuffed toy for babies. They can crawl all over it, snuggle up with it, use it as a comfort item, and sleep with it.

We’ll be adding more large stuffed unicorns to this page so check back again soon!