If you’re shopping for a Hansa unicorn, you’ve definitely got good taste. Hansa is one of the world’s most respected toy manufacturers and their plush creations are known for being realistic. They are all handmade by artists in the Hansa studio, with each animal’s fur being hand cut. These are not cookie cutter stuffed animals that are made by machines, but lovingly created masterpieces that are collector’s items and showpieces. Some of the larger Hansa unicorns fetch a high price but they also have smaller unicorns that are just as beautiful but more affordable.

An example of a more affordable option is the 11″ Hansa Plush Stuffed Unicorn. Like all of the Hansa unicorns, it is intricately designed and lifelike. I love that the legs on this unicorn bend and stay in place so that it can be posed the way you want it on a shelf or in a display case.

11 inch hansa unicorn
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The next size up in size is the 17″ Deluxe White Unicorn. This one is a bit floppier than the 11 inch unicorn.

Hansa 17 inch Deluxe White Unicorn
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For a bigger Hansa unicorn, check out the 39″ Ride on Unicorn. As its name implies, it is strong enough to be ridden by both children and adults up to 250 pounds. This is thanks to the internal metal frame. This metal frame also allows you to pose the unicorn by turning its head, arms, and legs. If you want to have a showpiece in your child’s playroom that is also highly functional and sturdy enough for kids to play on for years, this unicorn fits the bill.

Hansa 39 inch Ride on Unicorn
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If the 39 inch unicorn isn’t big enough for you and you really want to get extravagant, the 59 Inch Life Size Stuffed Unicorn is practically life sized. If money is no object, this would make a fantastic addition to a child’s room or centerpiece for a unicorn theme party!

59 inch Hansa unicorn
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If you want to see some Hansa stuffed animals in action, check out this video:

And their website is fun to look at, with all of their different toys and stuffed animals to view.