All of the different Beanie Babies unicorns on the market are so cute that it’s hard to choose just one. I guess that’s why people collect lots of Beanie Babies … you can’t choose just one!

Beanie Babies Mystic Unicorn

Beanie Babies Mystic Unicorn
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The Beanie Babies Mystic Unicorn is a cute little unicorn with a pink mane. She is 8″ tall and sparkly as can be. The tag says:

I’m a unicorn, you can see
With a spiral horn and glittering fur
My mane and tail are pink and bright
I sparkle and shine with magical light!

Beanie Babies Palace Unicorn

Beanie Babies Palace the Unicorn
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Palace the Unicorn was Beanie Baby of the Month for April 2007. She’s a pretty white unicorn with a pale pink mane and tail and shiny pink hooves.

Fun fact: In the early 1990s, Beanie Babies comprised 10 percent of eBay sales. That’s a lot of Beanies!

Beanie Babies Purple Stargazer Unicorn

Beanie Babies Purple Stargazer Unicorn
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The Purple Stargazer Unicorn is an 8″ purple unicorn accented with shades of pink, lavender, and white. Adding to her beauty, there are streaks of silver threaded through her full lavender and white mane.

I love the shading on her mane and the multicolored coat.

Fairytale the Unicorn

Beanie Babies Fairytale the Unicorn
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Fairytale the Unicorn is a little pink dream. She has pink fur, a long braided pink mane, and pink bows. Her tag says:

First I’ll give a little wink
Then I’ll flip my braid of pink
Next I’ll simply spin and twirl
I really love being a girl!

Charmer the Unicorn

Beanie Babies Charmer the Unicorn
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Another vision in pink, Charmer the Unicorn sports a fancy, twisted irridescent horn. She has a pale pink coat and matching mane and tail. Little girls really love the all pink color scheme. Her tag reads:

Some people may think I’m a horse
Until they see my horn, of course
Not to fear, though, for I am sweet
Being your pal would be so neat!

All of these Beanie Babies unicorns are so cute that it might be hard deciding which one to buy. Just remember that whomever it’s for, they’ll probably love it no matter which one it is. All of the Beanie Babies unicorns are sure to be a hit with both Beanie Babies lovers and unicorn fans.