When I was a little girl, I had a favorite stuffed unicorn whom I called Betty. Betty was my best friend – she had white fur and a lavender mane and tail that had little sparkles sprinkled throughout. She wasn’t an expensive stuffed animal – I think my parents had picked her up at a discount store for a few dollars – but I loved her just the same. Over the years her white coat became dingy, her mane became matted, and many of the sparkles had fallen off of her mane. She was still loved by me and was one of the stuffed animals I refused to give away or throw away as I got older, despite my parents always encouraging me to sell things I no longer used at one of their many garage sales. I doubt she would’ve been a hot commodity at one of those sales, anyway, in her worn condition that was only appreciated by me.

When I went to college and my parents moved, Betty and the rest of the toys I wanted to save as mementos or for my future kids got packed away in the garage in a plastic tub marked generically as “Toys.” Along with Betty the unicorn, there was Bear Bear the stuffed bear, a Raggedy Ann doll, Hello Kitty stuff, my favorite blankets, and more which my mom had lovingly packed away for me.

Even as adults we can appreciate a stuffed animal or two or five in our homes. As an adult, my mom collected teddy bears that she kept in an antique wooden crate in my parents’ bedroom. I asked her why she liked to collect them and she told me that they made her smile. She’s not alive anymore but when I think of her I think of her teddy bears, as well, and they make me smile, too.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a stuffed animal or two hanging around my home, like the little pink unicorn sitting on my desk that reminds me to imagine big and always leave a little bit of room in my heart for magic.

I hope you’ll enjoy this site as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.