Unicorn Stuffed Animals

Unicorns have long been a part of our cultural imagination. They are a favorite mythical animal of children around the world. This site features our favorite unicorn stuffed animals that are available for sale on Amazon. These are the ones that we think are the cutest, the coolest, and the most magical.

Magical Unicorn with Shooting StarThere’s just something about unicorns that captivates kids and young-at-heart adults. They represent the magic and mystery that we want to believe in. Unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and dragons are all childhood imaginary creatures that we wish existed.

And who knows, maybe they do, in some magical fairy land. At least they can exist in plush form in our children’s bedrooms. It will remind them to keep their hearts, imaginations, and minds open to the mysteries of this world.

What’s New

November 16, 2016
Follow us on Twitter and retweet the contest entry for a chance to win the Aurora Dreaming of You stuffed unicorn!

October 5, 2016
A new contest begins today. Follow us and retweet the contest entry on Twitter to enter for a chance to win the Aurora 12″ Venus Unicorn plush.

September 29, 2016
The winner of our latest Twitter contest is @david_nikki … congratulations!!! We hope you enjoy your Aurora Dreamy Eyes Unicorn!

September 6, 2016
We’ve started our Youtube channel and published our first video, an unboxing video of the Pusheenicorn!

Explore the categories below and find the unicorn that’s just right for you.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony Stuffed AnimalsBoth girls and boys love My Little Pony and there are loads of My Little Pony stuffed animals to choose from. Everyone has their favorite character. Once you know what your child’s favorite is, you can find a stuffed animal she’ll love no matter your budget. There are loads of adult My Little Pony fans, too!

Large Unicorn Stuffed Animals

Large Stuffed UnicornsSometimes you want a gift for someone that is going to blow them away. No little stuffed animal will do for you!

These large stuffed unicorns will be sure to impress your loved one. You can get everything from just plain big to giant unicorns and some of them are even life-sized!


Hansa Unicorn Stuffed AnimalsHansa unicorns are the most realistic unicorn stuffed animals in the world. But unicorns aren’t real, you say, so how can they be realistic? Details, details.

These unicorns are showpieces to put on display, whether in your house or at your office. They have unicorns ranging from small to life size with prices from reasonable to exorbitant.

Ride On Unicorns

Ride on UnicornsCheck out these unicorns that are big and sturdy enough to be ridden by both kids and adults.

These unicorns are not only adorable but they are also just the thing to make your child feel like they are riding an actual unicorn through a magical forest.

These are the next best thing since sliced unicorn bread.

Mary Meyer

Mary Meyer unicornsMary Meyer unicorns are some of the cutest on the market. This Vermont toy company was founded in 1933. They sell an awesome selection of stuffed animals. Many of the stuffed animals feature Mary Meyer’s unique and whimsical fabric patterns.

Today, the company is run by Mary Meyer’s grandchildren.


Tokidoki UnicornsLooking for something unusual? The Tokidoki unicorno line of unicorn stuffed animals is colorful and cute. The Italian artist behind Tokidoki loves Japanese design and that is clear when you see these adorable unicorns.

There are ten different unicorn characters.

Unicorn Puppets

Unicorn PuppetsUnicorn puppets provide hours of imaginative playtime that both kids and adults can enjoy. Puppets are great for building all kinds of important skills and they also encourage teamwork when each child is responsible for a puppet in a puppet show.